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The Perfect Boy’s Nursery…according to me!

Boy's Nursery

Well this is it, the final post about Daniel’s nursery. I don’t think I could drag it out any more for you Zealots. I was able to capture some pictures over the weekend while I had the helping hands’ of my husband around. I just love the way it all turned out and I know this because as I stare off into space during 2 a.m. feedings I can’t stop smiling…then again that could be caused by sleep deprivation! Well I’ll let you judge the rest!

A gift and party favor from a close friend now hangs on the outside of his door.

A gift and party favor from a close friend now hangs on the outside of his door.

When it came to finding crib bedding, I knew there was only one solution…go custom. The fabricator that does all of the work for our design projects offered to make my bedding and window treatments as a gift, so I really could not pass it up. They are such miracle workers and always go the extra mile. Thanks Eddie and Jean Parish of the Sewing Center!

I also wanted to add something special to the art going in the room. I found these custom-made prints on Etsy from Texas Girl Designs. Two of the prints are sheet music with the lyrics to my favorite childhood songs that my mother sang to me. I wanted to carry on the tradition with my son (it’s a good thing he doesn’t know I’m completely tone deaf). The center picture is a map of New Mexico, where I grew up, and the owl represents my husband. He’s known among friends as “the wise ol’ owl”.

Boy's Nursery

Boy's Nursery

My mother-in-law kept my husband’s childhood teddy bear and now he’s taking his place in the crib…or the floor when the baby is sleeping!


Creative stroage

Simple unfinished wood milk crate boxes painted to match the room and hung on the wall to create unique storage solutions and visual interest in the room.


Signed bat from our couples baby shower and Atlanta Braves frame for our future All-Star!


Ceramic horses that were Daniel’s great grandmother’s!

Boy's Nursery

I had the UGA and Braves prints made from a vendor on Etsy….I love the site! Check out Pigeon Editions page.

An homage to our alamauter...UGA. Go Dawgs!!!!

An homage to our alma mater…UGA. Go Dawgs!!!!

Once my tack trunk used during my riding days, it's now used as a toy chest.

Once my tack trunk used during my riding days, it’s now used as a toy chest.

Best gift...my old blanket that my sister had cut down and monogramed for Daniel.

Best gift…my old baby blanket that my sister found and had cut down and monogrammed for Daniel.

A small blessing to remind me of my Irish heritage given to me by my Nana.

A small blessing to remind me of my Irish heritage given to me by my Nana.


I love a chevron print and the visual interest it brings to a space. My second favorite thing about this picture, the TV. It’s really just a computer monitor hooked up for watching Netflix. Judge lightly….it helps pass the time!


I really enjoyed making this room for Daniel. This was the first room in our home that I was able to buy everything and make it all work together. I hope my little man enjoys his room and I hope you enjoyed taking this journey with me.

Happy designing Zealots!

-Vanessa for DZ

3 comments on “The Perfect Boy’s Nursery…according to me!

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  2. zealot101
    August 6, 2013

    Having seen this nursery in person, I can truly say that it is so amazing! I am always blown away by your talent and ability to create a space that is beautiful, comfortable and unique!!

  3. Krystyna
    August 7, 2013

    At first, when we were helping with the painting I kept asking are you sure about these colors? With every brush stroke of those wooden crates, just days before Daniel arrived, I tried to visualize it all. How could I ever have doubted Vanessa and her creativity? Her vision far supercedes us regular folks. Job well done!

    It’s not until you actually walk into this lovely room that you feel how it all comes together. Cheers to daddy, gramps and those of us that pitched in. Every little touch is so personal and I know little Daniel will make a proper mess of it soon enough!

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