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Home cooked goodness Betty’s Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Much like any of our foodgasm posts, I found this hidden gem in downtown Buffalo, NY when I was on an install. On this particular install all the stars aligned and we actually had spare time in the morning to grab a real breakfast, not just the brown bag offered at the front desk to-go!!! I always use Yelp when I’m on the road if I can’t get a good local reference and that is how we found Betty’s Restaurant deep down in the heart of Buffalo. It’s this delightful cafe that sits on a corner in a neighborhood surrounded by beautiful old brown stones and other architecturally diverse buildings, but has its own great history and story to tell! But what really attracted us to the restaurant were all the reviews talking about the french toast casserole, home fries, and freshly baked goodies. I have to say as a woman who is 8 months pregnant I am dying for a great cup of decaf coffee and was so happy when I got an exceptional one here…thank you for making something that does not taste like weak brown water!

Okay, back to the food. I had the quesadilla special – scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, pablano peppers, and home fries with a green chili sauce….HAPPY PREGGO!!!! It was so darn good that I ate the whole thing regardless of how little room I had in my belly. And Connie who was with me got the spinach potato pancakes with peameal bacon. Now this is a new one on me…peameal bacon really refers to the original process of how it was preserved in cornmeal and comes from the pork loin and is very similar in appearance to Canadian bacon. You learn something new every day! Over all the meal was delicious and completely satisfying. If I’m every back in Buffalo and have the time I will certainly venture back. Oh and I can’t forget to mention how great the pin-up logo is and the framed t-shirts in the bathroom are.

Quesadilla Special

Peameal Bacon

Betty's Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Enjoy all you Zealots!

-Vanessa for DZ

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